Miranda Lawson (overloads) wrote,
Miranda Lawson

ic contact.

firstname.lastname@kernos.net (3) (no subject) D12 63:19PM
firstname.lastname@kernos.net (6) Re: Escape Tokens D11 8:01PM
firstname.lastname@kernos.net (12) [text] D10 9:35AM

Tags: *ic, *ic contact
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TO: miranda.lawson@kernos.net
FROM: jane.shepard@kernos.net
DATE/TIME: Day 18, 30:11 PM
SUBJECT: Day 18 Orders

1. Oversee squad. Ensure that any difficulty adjusting to the setting or the civilians present comes to my attention.

2. Inter-group relations. We need to make sure that the other major players, especially Erik and his genetically enhanced army, recognize that we're not only a cohesive force of our own, but one that cannot be threatened or influenced by any display of power they might attempt. we are not afraid of them, and Erik needs to know this. I expect your finest attempt at personable subtlety.

3. Public relations. You're about the friendliest and most normal face we have, and the one a civilian would find it easiest to trust. Find out what you can, but otherwise just generally make up for the fact that to them, half of us are big scaly freaks.