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NAME: Miranda Lawson
SERIES: Mass Effect 2
HISTORY: Miranda's page
TIMELINE: Post "The Prodigal," just before the crew gets abducted by the Collectors

PERSONALITY: Miranda is, at first glance, a cocky and self-assured woman. Being born to be perfect, this isn't far from the truth. She's confident in her abilities, to the point of where she says she's not doing anything but stating facts. To her, facts and truth are hand in hand when it comes to her, being genetically engineered to take on just about anything. Her intelligence is off the charts, and she keeps a record for successful missions. It's probably why the Illusive Man trusts her so much and allows her to meet him personally.

Beneath that, she's a soldier. A woman born and bred on the aspects of war, and all too familiar with killing and getting rid of obstacles, no matter the cost. When she first encounters Shepard after their awakening, she greets the characters cheerfully, before openly taking a gun and shooting one of the crew members right through the chest. Her reasoning? "He was a traitor. Would you rather I left you all here to die while I take the last shuttle out of the lab?" The officer has no remorse for what she does, and she takes her orders as utmost priority, loudly voicing disapproval if Shepard goes against anything the Illusive Man says. She believes in everything Cerberus stands for, and will fight for humanity till the very end.

However, despite the fact that she very clearly comes across as a bitch and cold to those she meets, it's also obvious to see she cares for those she knows well enough. Teammates are ones she grows fond of over time, and will gladly throw her life on the line for them once she's loyal. Her fondness of the the Illusive Man taking her in is also apparent, and how each order from him is something important that needs to be done. There's also the fact that she cares very deeply for her sister, Oriana, and extensively keeps an eye out for her safety and well-being, while never once actually coming in contact with her. "It's better this way," she tells Shepard when the commander asks, saying that if Miranda got involved in her life, she would put her sister in much more danger than if she remained just an elusive shadow. It's difficult, though she never says so, but the viewer can tell it hurts to watch her grow up without her there.

Miranda is a woman, a confident specimen of genetic perfection, but because of this, there is still a lot of insecurities she carries. Having been brought up and altered to her father's wishes, she believes that nothing about herself, from her bionics to her wits to her looks, isn't something for her to claim as her own. The only thing she believes is original to herself is her failures and mistakes, and because of this, she has low self-esteem, thinking she can't do anything on her own because it's already been determined for her. It's only through Shepard's influence that they make her realize that while she's made to be the perfect human, her choices and actions are her own, not done by her father.

ABILITIES/POWERS: Taken from the Mass Effect Wiki:

Overload - Shuts down an enemy's shields, rendering them vulnerable to attack. Overload is typically used to take down shields or synthetics, doing twice as much damage to shields as it does to synthetics, but will also cause any unshielded enemies using flamethrowers to explode. Starting at rank 3, Overload will cause the weapons of most unprotected enemies to overheat, making them unable to fire for a brief period. It can also be used on explosive containers to make them detonate more violently for added damage.

Rank 3:
• Recharge Time: 12.00 seconds
• Impact Radius: 1.20 meters
• Shield and Synthetic Damage: 160.00 points
• Synthetic Stun Length: 3.00 seconds
• Weapon Overheat Length: 6.00 seconds

Warp - Spawns a mass effect field that damages enemy targets and stops health regeneration. It deals double damage to barriers and armor and will detonate any biotic powers affecting the target, such as Pull or Singularity. The detonated target takes double damage from Warp, and all targets within the Detonation Radius receive full damage, regardless of any protection they might have. If they are also being affected by a biotic power, then they also take double damage.

Rank 2:
• Recharge Time: 12.00 seconds
• Damage: 140.00 points
• Detonation Radius: 4.00 meters
• Detonation Force: 550.00 newtons

Cerberus Officer - Focuses mainly on increasing the character's health and weapon damage. Also, this power has additional attributes which increases the squad's health and weapon damage.

Rank 4: Cerberus Leader - Miranda's coordination of the fire team gives an increased bonus to squad weapon damage.
• Health: +20.00%
• Weapon Damage: +25.00%
• Squad Health: +7.50%
• Squad Weapon Damage: +15.00%

Slam - Lifts a target and slams them to the ground, inflicting damage. Slam can be detonated by Warp if it lands during the lift duration. The small size of this window requires use of squad powers to exploit, however.

Like all powers that knock enemies off their feet, Slam instantly kills Husks (beings that are mindless shells that explode upon contact).
Rank 4: Heavy Slam - Miranda's slam force is prodigious and causes grievous bodily harm.
• Recharge Time: 9.00 seconds
• Lift Duration: 1.50 seconds
• Slam Force: 800.00 newtons

In addition, she can shoot off the head of a robotics mech from 100 meters away without blinking, and do it just as easy with biotics.





THIRD PERSON: It wasn't often she found herself in these predicaments. Miranda was a woman of pride, of wits, so to say she was in a bind was something she didn't like admitting to. She was made to be perfect, but sometimes things got out of hand, or something slipped by, and she would have to go running to clean up that mistake.

She'd take it all in a few steps of grace, of course. Why ruin your composure when you had a reputation to keep? Not that it mattered much, at least to others. The Illusive Man knew her, and knew her well. No one could keep secrets from him, no matter how hard they tried. Maybe that's why he liked her so much- she didn't try to go against him, or what Cerberus stood for. She agreed with what was being done, because humanity needed to be protected, really. With the Council obviously not caring worth a damn, it was up to them to make sure the threat of the Reapers was dealt with promptly.

But sitting here in her office, it was difficult to ascertain where she had gone wrong this time. Her sister, Oriana, had been found by her father once again, and Miranda had little time to act and move her, before she'd be captured and taken home. She couldn't let that happen. Her mind jostled over possible scenarios, debating on how to take the right course of action. Perhaps something had slipped by, maybe someone had given word, or even she had neglected to look over everything. Whatever the case, she didn't have much time, and needed to move her sibling quickly.

The sound of a door sliding open caught her off-guard, however. Standing there was none other than the revived Commander Shepard, noticing the furrowed look on Miranda's face.

"Did I come at a bad time?"

"Not at all, Commander." She shifted a bit, uncertain as to how to continue. Man, was her pride going to hurt from this, but she really didn't know how else to ask. It was now or never. Swallowing the lump in her throat that screamed for her to keep quiet, she brought her hands together and folded them, concerned.

"Actually, I don't know how to ask this, but I'm finding that I'm in need of your assistance..."

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